julio 3, 2021

Attractor Factor: The 5 Easy Steps for Creating Wealth


Present your coach in a box. The Alluring Factor 5: Simple Steps to Build Wealth or Anything Else from the Inside Out by dr. Joe on account for Bonnie and for Marion, who passed away when I finished this book I love you, the author is True Confession I admitted I never wanted to publish this book or make it available to a wide audience I was scared.

I wrote this book for one. person my sister Bonnie had three children was unemployed and was on welfare I was hurt by seeing her suffer I knew her life would be different if she knew the five step process that I developed to create whatever you want I wrote this material for her and only for her in 1997 , now without welfare and well, he has a house, a car, a job and a loving family, he is not rich yet, but I think I showed him a new way of living life. I never wanted to release this book because I was nervous. on how the world would perceive me. So far I have written 17 books for such well-known and conservative organizations of the American Marketing Association and the American Management Association.

I also have an audiotape show with Nightingale Conant. If the world about my interest in spirituality, people would really kill me, clients would fire me, and these organizations would reject me, so I played it safe and kept this book a secret, but in June 1999 I felt the inner need to give a copy of the draft. handwritten to Bob Proctor at the beginning of one of his enrichment science seminars and he loved it and then he did something shocking there were 250 people at that seminar in Denver who all wanted to know how to build wealth Bob stood in front of them and read I took off all the titles of my books and then introduced myself to the crowd. I stood in the crowd and clapped. I was treated like a celebrity and I love the attention, but then Bob told everyone about my new book.

My unpublished book on this block. I’m not ready for this, I held my breath and then Bob told them, but the title, which at the time was spiritual marketing, there was such a rush in the crowd to relax with the spine, not only do people react favorably to the b Ok But everyone wanted it at the time, at least 50 people came up and said they wanted to buy the book at the Spot bar. Proctor later said that he wanted to record it and an editor at the seminar said that he wanted to publish the book without my having seen it.

Concerns about the publication of this book faded. I could see that the time was right to post these ideas and I saw that I would be safe and in doing so, here I am, as with most things in life, there is little to fear and wealth and glory await. just around the corner, all you have to do is step up and do the things that you’re crazy about doing from the inside out. Bob Proctor drives me crazy in front of 250 people. As a result, I published the e-book called Spiritual Marketing in 2001.

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