junio 9, 2021

Everything Is F*cked: A Book About Hope

Review: Everything Is F*cked: A Book About Hope

Play the uncomfortable truth on a small plot of land in a drab Central European field amid the warehouses of a former military barracks a nexus of geographically concentrated evil with a rising dancer and darker than anything the world has ever seen in Within four years more than 1.3 million people would be systematically classified and enslaved, tortured and murdered here and it would all happen.

In an area a little bigger than Central Park in Manhattan and no one would do anything to stop it except for one man, it is the stuff of fairy tales and comics a hero marches headlong into the fiery jaws of hell he faces a great manifestation of evil odds are impossible the reason is ridiculous get our fantastic hero never hesitates never flinches he stands upright and kills the dragon crushes the demon.

The invaders save the planet and maybe even a princess or two and for a brief time there is hope, but this is not a story of hope, it is a story that everything is complete. Auntie and absolutely fucking fucked up and proportions and on scales that today with the comfort of our free Wi-Fi and oversized Snuggie cover you and I can hardly imagine how a hipster who loves the band before they were famous, let me tell you he told him that Pulaski was already a war hero before he decided to sneak into the house when he was young unless he had been a decorated officer in the 1918 Polish Soviet War and the madmen before most people knew what a communist bastard Pinko was after the war. They put on their boots and the Nazis had already crossed half the country with the Blitzkrieg and lost half their territory in just over a month.

It wasn’t exactly a fair fight for the Nazis invaded from the west. na rock and a difficult place, except that The Rock was a megalomaniac mass murderer trying to conquer the world and a difficult place was rampant senseless genocide.

Shit before you realize that all the overthrow of a government and enslavement of a population to your flawed ideology, the Nazis were still somewhat imperialist virgins that when you look at the photos of Hitler’s mustache it’s not hard to imagine in those first few months from the war. It is estimated that the Soviets gathered more than a million Polish citizens and sent them to the East.

Think about that for a second, a million people in a matter of months left, some didn’t stop until they reached the gulags in Siberia, others found themselves in Mass Graves. Decades later, many are still missing to this day, Pulaski fought those battles, of course, against both the Germans and the Soviets, and after their defeat

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