julio 3, 2021

Get Smart!: How to Think and Act Like the Most Successful and Highest-Paid People in Every Field


Your Coach in a Box Affordable, life-changing audio programs. Hello I am Brian Tracy and welcome to be smart how to think decide to act and get better results in everything you do introduction unleashes the imprisoned splendor there is a poem by Robert Browning that says that the truth is within us does not rise from Edward things, what Whatever you may believe, there is a center in the majority on the bike in its fullness.

The water of hell consists of opening out of the way were imprisoned Splendor May Escape instead of affecting an entrance for a light that is not supposed to be William James of Harvard Road, the greatest revolution of my generation is the discovery that people, By changing their internal attitudes of mine, they can change the external aspects of their lives, you and your mind are extraordinary, you have 100 billion brain cells connected by game day and you. you are in stew up to 20,000 other selves, the total number of thoughts you can think is therefore equal to 100 billion to the power of 20,000, which means according to a brain expert.

Just use one the number of thoughts you could think of equals the number one followed by eight pages of zeros more potential ideas than the number of all molecules in the known universe how are you using this powerful metal supercomputer do you have some metal skills now too or in life you are using your brain your ability to think and create with greater precision and accuracy you can solve any problem.

Overcome every obstacle and achieve whatever goal you set for yourself 10% of potential where I was 21 and I was impressed when I heard that the average person uses only 10% of his mental capacity. I later learned that number two was closer to 2%. Most of the people have enormous reserves a mental capacity that they do not use

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