julio 8, 2021

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life


At AudioLibro he presents the subtle art of not giving a damn.

Chapter 1. Don’t Try It Charles Bukowski was an alcoholic womanizer a chronic gambler allowed a stingy a slacker and in his worst days as a poet, he was probably the last person on earth you would seek life advice or expect to see anywhere kind of a self-help book, so it’s the perfect place to start.

The agent and editor of the Journal who introduced his work to him was horrible, they said that the disgusting depraved acts of rejection accumulated the weight of his failures and pushed him deep into an alcohol-fueled depression that would follow him through most cases. of his life Bukowski had a job as a letter filler at a post office, got paid shit and spent most of it on alcohol, gambled the rest at the racetrack at night, drank alone, and sometime hammered poetry on her old beat-up typewriter and woke up on the floor after having passed out the night before 30 years passed like this, most of her was a mindless stain of alcohol, drugs, gambling and prostitutes, when she had 50 years.

After a life of failure and self-loathing and editor at a small independent publishing house, he had too much money or too many sales promises, but he had a strange affection for the drunk cell phone loser and decided to take a chance. He shot Bukowski and realized that probably the only one Makowski would get would go back to the publisher.

I have one of two options: stay at the post office and go crazy or stay out of here in the writer’s game and starve. starve to death when signing the contract because he wrote his first novel in three weeks it was simply called the post office in the dedication he wrote dedicated… hundreds of poems selling more than two million From copies of his books his popularity to fight against everyone’s expectations, particularly Zone Bukowski’s are the bread and butter of our cultural narrative because he is like embodying the American dream and man fights for what he wants.

To happen we all watch stories like Bukowski’s and say never give up never stop trying all the odds and did something of himself it is then strange that on the tombstone of Bukowski the epitaph says don’t try despite book sales in fame Bukowski was a loser, he knows it and his success is not due to the determination to be a winter, but to the fact that he knew where he was, a loser what accepted and then wrote honestly about it, you never try to be anything other than what he was the genius in Bukowski’s work was made and beating incredible odds or developing himself into brilliant literary as if it were the opposite, it was a simple skill be completely honest with yourself

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