julio 8, 2021

Your Creative Mind: How to Disrupt Your Thinking, Abandon Your Comfort Zone, and Develop Bold New Strategies


MrCurioso: Audio Presents The Whole Recording Of Your Creative Mind: How To Interrupt Your Thinking Leave Your Comfort Zone And Develop Bold New Strategies By Scott Cochran.

Introduction: We’ve all read about the legendary scientific inventors and designers whose discoveries changed the world forever and from the way the stories go, many of their brilliant ideas seemed like Destiny James Watt got the idea for the steam engine by watching it boil his mother’s kettle on the stove Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin when a Petri dish was accidentally left open all night and all of us remember the legend about Sir Isaac Newton and the Apple, whatever it was that really led to each One of those defining moments for centuries, we’ve made certain assumptions about the men and women whose wit still inspires us today.

Although his biographies reveal an admirable work ethic and perseverance. they were also born with a unique set of gifts that allowed them to see things in a different light, this kind of genius, we were told, was given to a chosen few, you are there, no, a long time ago, this conventional wisdom did not was challenged, standardized tests, given that an elementary school, were used to divide two children into two different skill sets often for their entire academic career if no one had recognized the creative genius in us in high school we assumed they did not we had once we entered the professional career they encouraged us to work hard and pay our dues and then succeed at whatever level we were destined for would come, but what if that’s not how a genius works? What if Einstein and Edison were simply using their brains in a different way than we are using ours? of words are found suggestive to an imaginative and excited mind.

This implies that creativity is a state of mind rather than an innate ability, what is ingenuity does not occur as much as an Awakened should be for 25 years I have trained executives and other corporate leaders both in Europe and the United States who were looking for a greatest measure of success many of these men and women had already accomplished more than most professionals would hope to achieve in their lifetime, but they were searching for ways to take their companies and their personal performance to the next level to do this of change I had to help them access deeper levels of creativity Ingenuity and Innovation this potential had always been within them and they simply needed to learn to unleash it more effectively

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